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Sylvia Mbabazi

Hello, my name is Sylvia Mbabazi and I would like to tell you a bit more about the UP4S foundation

I grew up myself in Uganda and came to live in the Netherlands in 1997. Together with some volunteers, we decided to give the underprivileged children in Bukomansimbi and surroundings a chance for a good education. Thus, in 2003 the UP4S foundation ('up for us', which means 'stand up for us') was born. That is what the UP4S foundation does: stand up for underprivileged children in Uganda South Soudan. We would love if you want to help us as well. This could be in the form of a donation trough this website. Or do you feel like helping out as a volunteer?
If you would like to have more information, please send an email to info@up4s.nl or call +31 6 307 72 723.

Kind regards, Sylvia Mbabazi

Working together for a hopeful future for children in Uganda

The UP4S Foundation helps underprivileged children in Uganda. This significantly increases the chances of a good future for these children. UP4S has a primary and a secondary school in the village of Bukomansimbi, where many of the children come from. The UP4S Foundation was founded in 2003 by Sylvia Mbabazi.

 How to contribute

You can support UP4S with a contribution, so that we can continue our projects. This can be done once, per month, per quarter or per year. You can decide yourself how much you would like to donate each time. If you would like to volunteer, you are very welcome. Feel free to contact us.

 Donating to UP4S

You can support UP4S with a one-time contribution or with a more permanent support per month, per quarter or per year. There are also possibilities to help special expansion projects with a large amount of money.

 Our organization

All information about our organization, the goals, the board and more...

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Pictures from UP4S

A beautiful photo gallery with the best photos of all our activities.

Videos from UP4S

These videos give you a good idea of our schools and activities.

Our achievements 

Since 2003, a lot has happened in and around our schools...

News about UP4S 

Nws Koor NL 2024

The singing and dancing group of UP4S in the Netherlands until July 18 2024

Mai 2024

The UP4S singing and dancing group will continue to perform at many schools and churches in the Netherlands until July 18. The enthusiasm is radiating again and everyone is happy with the colorful and musical performances.

Koor up4s 2024

The UP4S children's choir/dance group again to the Netherlands

In May, June and July 2024

This Ugandan children's choir/dance group consists of underprivileged children and is affiliated with the Up4s foundation (www.up4s.nl). Our wish is to bring your primary school children into contact with our African culture through singing, dancing, African games, playing djembe and sharing stories. We visited a number of schools together with part of the choir to give a taster. There was great enthusiasm to welcome us again in 2024. We have started planning for this year. Would you like to choose a date in May, June or July 2024 when we can come to your school (again) to provide an unforgettable day? 

Nws Dansende kinderen

Visit Up4S Choir to the Netherlands!

September 2023

From May 2023 to mid-July 2023, our children's choir from Uganda traveled all the way to the Netherlands to raise money for their schools and classmates in Bukomansimbi, Uganda. They have done this by performing throughout the country, giving workshops and selling selfmade 'crafts'. The children's choir comes to the Netherlands at the same time every year, as a tradition. Therefore, for many schools it was not the first time to receive a Ugandan visit.
One of the many places visited was Eerbeek, specifically the Children's Clothing Fair Foundation (SKKB). “Yesterday it finally happened! After all these years we were allowed to enjoy the beautiful djembe, singing and dancing of Up4s again. We are so happy that they came to show us and feel how much energy and strength there is in the youth of Uganda. This is what we do it for!” is written on their website as a result of our visit.
We would like to thank all donors and sponsors, including the Children's Clothing Fair Foundation (SKKB), for their warm welcome and support for the project.

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Do you need more information?

If you have any questions or if you just want to talk about UP4US, send us your name, email address and telephone number. We will then call you back.


UP4S foundation
Rowan 13 -  7423 EG Deventer
Phone: +31 6 30 77 27 23

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Chamber of Commerce: 08 11 37 32

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