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Some people say, "Uganda is an underdeveloped country Uganda". We say, "how much can still be developed here!".

With our project we have already realized many plans we have had. For example, there is a good quality kindergarten, primary and secondary school and there are dormitories to house the children. Furthermore, both primary and secondary schools have their own multipurpose dining hall with kitchen. Not only can meals be consumed in the dining halls, but exams, performances and presentations can also be held here. The buildings can also be rented out to the local community to hold meetings.

Other wishes we had have also largely been fulfilled. For example, we have begun to plant our own vegetable garden, which will allow the schools to partially provide for their own food needs. In this regard, the trial of a vegetable garden for alternative cultivation techniques started in 2017 is expected to provide additional food security.

Furthermore, by the Ministry of Water, a large water tank (of 100 m3) has been installed on top of the hill of our project site. This water tank will serve as a water tower for the distribution of (drinking) water to Bukomansimbi and surrounding areas. Our schools can also use the water tank. The water tank is now operational and a big dream of UP4S has come true. The schools are now provided with good quality water and we are then no longer dependent on rain and the murky water down in the valley in terms of water for the schools (for the purpose of cooking, drinking and washing). 

In 2017, a large water tank was built downstairs on the grounds of Hoys College. This tank collects rainwater that falls on the roofs of the buildings on the Hoys College grounds. This water, after treatment, can be used as drinking water and for cooking. Unpurified, the water can be used for a variety of purposes (washing, irrigation). In addition to water conservation, the water tank also has an erosion-fighting function because it prevents rainwater falling on the roofs from flowing down the hill uncontrolled. In 2008, a large underground water tank had already been built on the grounds of Kidsgear, the elementary school.

However, despite the realization of all these plans, we still have some concrete wishes for the further development of our project.

Expansion of teacher housing
In Uganda, a school, both primary and secondary, is expected to provide housing for its teachers. This is because teachers stay at school throughout the school year and only go home during the vacations.

In 2012, a teacher dormitory was built on the elementary school grounds. This dormitory consists of 6 units (a sitting room and a bedroom). At the end of 2017, construction of accommodation for teachers began on the grounds of the secondary school. This accommodation consists of 22 units (a sitting room/bedroom). 

In 2018 there were 17 teachers at the elementary school and 20 teachers at the secondary school. Thus, for the teachers, accommodation was needed for 37 people. The current dormitories at that time were 6 units and the new number of dormitories being build were 22 units; which means there was still not enough accommodations for all teachers. Moreover, the number of teachers may increase in the future.

Therefore, there is a need for further expansion of accommodation for teachers. We are thinking of 15 to 20 units.

Expansion of elementary school
We started the elementary school (Kidsgear) in 2006. About 300 children attend this school. From the beginning our foundation was focused on offering opportunities to underprivileged children. These are children who cannot attend school without financial support. A large proportion of the children in elementary school are underprivileged and their families are unable to pay school fees for them. 

Since the first children came out of elementary school (late 2009), it has been found that they perform well on the national exam (similar to the CITO test in the Netherlands). And performance has only improved over the years.

This has given the elementary school a good name in the region and many parents have come forward over time asking if their child could also attend Kidsgear. However, due to the limited capacity of the school, we have had to disappoint many parents (and their children).

To still be able to meet this demand, and for the project to become more self-sufficient, we decided to build a second building for the elementary school. This building is intended for disadvantaged children, that is, from parents who can pay school fees. These underprivileged children contribute to improving the project's financial situation, allowing it to eventually become self-sufficient.

In early 2021, a sponsor agreed to bear the cost of constructing and furnishing this second building. We began construction in March 2021 and at the end of 2021 we hope to complete the building. In 2022, the second school building can then be occupied.

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