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Kidsgear Primary School

The name of the elementary school is "Kidsgear Primary School." With this naming we want to express our thankfulness for a special contribution from a sponsor for the benefit of construction.
The elementary school, named Kidsgear, was opened in 2006. Before this, the sponsor children of UP4S went to another school in Bukomansimbi. But with the opening of their own elementary school a long-cherished wish of the foundation came true. Now the sponsor children could go to a school of their own! 
At Kidsgear; preschool and primary education is provided in 9 groups. Classes of up to 35 children are taught. In 2009 a program was started to train the teachers in cooperative learning.

The building
The school building was opened on January 28, 2006. It is located just outside Bukomansimbi and is very beautiful and free against a hill with a beautiful view of the surroundings. That already in 2005 a school building of our own could be built and opened in January 2006 is due to the surprising help of a great sponsor. Suddenly the money was there and the school could be built. In the process we also took advantage of the "Money Doubling Program" of Edukans. The school building has a total of eight classrooms and three workrooms for the school management, administration and volunteers/interns. In 2009, a separate school building was opened for the kindergarten classes. In addition to the school buildings, there are two dormitories on the grounds. The common room is used as a dining hall and meetings. Are there other new rooms?

Educational vision
Unlike most schools in Uganda, the emphasis at our school will be on developmental education. The child is our priority. Of course, we work from the Ugandan culture and this will be evident in subjects such as drama, music and dance. With the help of volunteers, the local teachers are coached. The most important thing is that the teachers learn to consider each child important. Usually in Ugandan schools, learning is only for the smart children and the slower children are left behind because they do not get attention from the teacher.

At our school, we want to give all students a chance.
Therefore, the motto of our school is "ALL CHILDREN COUNT".

Educational vision

Education in Uganda is similar in structure to that of the Netherlands. There are two kindergarten classes and 7 primary classes. In an overview it looks like this:

Netherlands   Uganda
Group  1     Baby class
Group  2     Top class
Group  3     Class P1
Group  4 Class P2
Group  5 Class P3
Group  6 Class P4
Group  7 Class P5
Group  8 Class P6
Class P7

In praktice
The "ordinary" Ugandan schools have student numbers of 80 to 100 per class. This is one of the problems of this type of education, where the teacher teaches frontally to students who generally do not have access to schoolbooks. Apart from the quality of such education, this means that there are opportunities only for the more gifted students, but for many other students it means hopelessness!

The result of this is that we must make a lot of effort to find the right teachers, but also that expert training and guidance from the other more developed countries must be constantly provided. Our starting point here is that local teachers do the work - Other people should not take over! - but that with continuity we provide expert training and coaching from these other countries. We can do that with the help of volunteers - experts present at the project for short or long periods of time - and trainees - education students who, usually for a period of three months, assist local teachers at the project or offer remedial-teaching to disadvantaged children.

Education in Uganda is English-speaking. That means, especially for a village environment like Bukomansimbi with Luganda as the language of instruction, that a lot of work must be done right from the kindergarten classes to teach the children English. Very important... Because tests and exams within primary education are all in English! We already know from experience how important the help of our volunteers and interns is.

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