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The choir

The Ugandan choir consists of a varying number of children and adolescents ages 8-16. The group comes from Kidsgear elementary school and Hoys College secondary school in Bukomansimbi, Uganda.

The choir (22 children) first came to the Netherlands in 2009 to tour our country. They then stayed in the Netherlands for six weeks and performed in schools and churches and held street performances.

The purpose of the tour was to publicize the work of the Up4s foundation, recruit new sponsors and raise money. The idea is that the children of the choir sing and dance for their own future and that of their peers in Uganda. For an impression, look at videos.

Because the tour in 2009 was very successful, the choir came to the Netherlands again in 2011. The choir then consisted of 30 children and stayed in the Netherlands from May 19 to June 30. During this stay, the choir performed in churches and at secondary and elementary school. There were 4 Ugandan accompanists/teachers who came with the choir to the Netherlands. The proceeds of the tour went to the construction of dormitories for the secondary school. 

In May/June 2013, the choir came to the Netherlands again. This tour took place from May 7 to July 9, 2013. This time the children's choir consisted of 19 children aged 9 to 18. In addition, three adult Ugandan accompanists were present (two teachers for musical accompaniment and one teacher). One of the highlights of the tour was the performance at a sold-out Africa Festival in Hertme on July 6.

Since 2015, a completely rejuvenated choir has come to the Netherlands for a tour. The children are in elementary school (Kidsgear) and are between 7 and 14 years old.

The UP4S Foundation is asking for a voluntary contribution from each participating school. It would be great if there is a savings campaign to raise money for the secondary school in Uganda. This could be done, for example, through a sponsored run, flea market, bottle drive or an activity of your own choosing.

Performances at schools

At schools, the choir will give performances and workshops. Parents are welcome to witness the performance. The choir is happy to give a closing performance especially for parents. The Ugandan group will also sell African goodies. During the workshops, students learn to dance, sing and drum in African style. The program at your school can be put together in consultation with the foundation's staff.

To get an impression of what you can expect from a visit of the choir to your school, we have made a video of the visit in 2013 to elementary school De Rank in Deventer.
You can watch it on this page.

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