Hoys College

Hoys College

The name of the high school is "HOYS College" and stands for Hope Of Youth.

UP4S felt it could not abandon the children at the age of 12/13, when they would leave elementary school, and chose to offer the necessary further education.

In early 2011, the high school started running with initially two classes. Then a class was added each year thereafter until the school had the full four grades. By the end of 2013, the first batch of high school students will graduate, and we assume that the students will be able to earn a living.

To also provide secondary education for the children after they leave elementary school, funds were raised to pay for the construction of a secondary school. In early 2011, the school started with two classes, S1 and S2 (S stands for Senior). The current high school, Hoys College, has room for two more classes, so up to S4. If you pass the final exam in that year, you have passed the "O-Level”. Soon, Hoys College is to focus mainly on the practical education of the pupils. Practical education in this case means farming, animal husbandry, woodworking, sewing, etc. This is because these are the most useful skills for sustaining oneself in the Bukomansimbi area.

Some updated information
Should there be pupils who would like to continue their studies, they must first get their "A-Level" at another secondary school, after which they can study. All this is done in consultation with their child sponsor.

The building
On September 10, 2010, the high school building was festively opened. The interest in this opening was great. Many villagers and children were present. The building is located near the elementary school Kidsgear. There are computers in two classrooms. The school building consists of 4 classrooms. On the project site surrounding the school there is still enough space to build dormitories and classrooms where crafts can be taught.

What and how many buildings are there now?

Educational vision
Education at the secondary school is focused on the self-reliance of the students. Students are taught both cognitive and practical skills. The educational goals of Ugandan secondary education will be pursued and in addition, students will be taught craft subjects. The expectation of UP4S is that these subjects will help the students to become self-sufficient and contribute to Ugandan society in the future. Students will be challenged with personal development within the learning activities at the school. Computers will be used in education. Working with a computer enhances the development opportunities of the students.

Near future
What are (by example building) plans for the future? Click here >

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