This place is central to UP4S, this is where our schools are and where many of our children live. About 1,500 people live in Bukomansimbi. In the vicinity (within a radius of about 10 km) of Bukomansimbi there are several other smaller villages. It is the only village in the area that has been provided with electricity (which, incidentally, is not very reliable) since 2008. Recently, running water has also become available (also not very reliable). The houses in Bukomansimbi are mostly built using locally baked bricks and have corrugated iron roofs. In the surrounding villages, people often still live in mud huts. The people live mostly from agriculture and small-scale trade. 

Particularly since 2005, Bukomansimbi has developed, with an increasing number of stores and the opening of a bank in 2009. Since 2010, Bukomansimbi has separated from Masaka district and is now an autonomous district.

A branch of the Rotary club was established in early 2012. In cooperation with the Rotary club in England, a project was started to provide not only Bukomansimbi town, but also the surrounding area with good water within everyone's reach. If this project becomes a success, it will be followed up (on a larger scale). In short, there are plenty of developments!

Since 2010, Bukomansimbi has separated from Masaka district and is now an autonomous district. Since then, land prices have almost doubled, an indication that investment is expected.

A project of this magnitude naturally affects village life. It is our intention to involve villagers in the project as much as possible. We can think of activities we can hire them for, such as construction, laying out the garden, sewing clothes, etc.

There are also plans to fully asphalt the road from Masaka to Bukomansimbi (now it is up to about half way). This too will provide a major boost to the local economy.

The project area in Bukomansimbi

Below is a map of the land owned by UP4S. All schools and associated buildings are located on this site. 

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